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Tele-Satellite Magazine 1007

Are you a regular reader of Tele-Satellite Magz? If so, here's the update on Tele-Satellite, it' 1007 issue now. Don't miss it, download the PDF version, click on the link below: Tele-Satellite Magazine 1007 PDF Enjoy!

WorldCup 2010 on Satellite TV

It's been a long time since I inactively update this blog. I rethink that this should not just be as is. So, I decided to re-activate writing on this blog after reading some articles about satellite tv on a blog from Philippine. I just have got my mind about WorldCup 2010 on Satellite TV. I got some reports say many channels are moving from Thaicom due to the big event which nearly close to us, next month. But honestly, the reports are not 100% clear whether the move was surely because some interfere from the local producer of digital satellite receiver who tend to be the "only" licensed one to be able to broadcast the WorldCup matches through satellite tv. Let's hope the issue is just a gossip!

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