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Satellite List to Point On

Have you ever thought of have such a list of numerous satellites up there to point and have a best receiving signal? Here you go, the list is on the left. Right Click to view the image larger. This is the owesome list! I have never imagined before of having so many satellites on my little simple FTA receiver at home. Thanks to brother Prass for the permission to post this list here on my blog. This list made happen using his 12 ft solid dish (a modded one) as I have posted before also on this blog here . The out beam satellite is also possible to track, that's the amazing moment if you had such dish. Once again, I by myself haven't got one yet, but plan to have it some time. Brother Ngesot has given me the way to modding on my own 7 ft mesh. It's just about time and money now. I wish I could do it as soon as I can, wish me. Ok, if you want to have more details about how they made this possible, you could simply go to these topics on the Forum Satelit Board. Teknis

Palapa D - Indonesia Satellite

This satellite, operated by PT. Indosat Tbk and built by Thales Alenia Space will replace PALAPA C2 satellite at the 113° East orbital position. This satellite is based on the Spacebus 4000B3 platform and has 35 C-band and 5 Ku-band transponders that will enable good coverage of Indonesia, ASEAN countries, Asian countries, Middle East and Australia. The cost of building and launching PALAPA D, which will serve TV broadcasters, VSAT providers and corporate customers while also providing backbone support for Indosat’s cellular, fixed voice and fixed data services, is about $250 million. PALAPA D satellite has a launch mass of 4.1 tons, a payload power of 6.4 kW and a service lifetime of 15 years. (Source: Tele-Satellite Magazine PDF Edition 0909: page 106)

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Tele-Satellite PDF 09-2009

Sorry I'm late... The new Tele-Satellite Magazine for 09 - 2009 has been published, you can now download it from the official website of the mag. I'm kind a busy right now that I can't even spend some time for the regular forums I visit everyday. Here's the more detail about the Tele-Satellite issue. Download Link TELE-satellite Dates Coming Issue: 0911 Editorial Deadline: 7 August 2009 Ad Copy Deadline: 14 August 2009 Start Newsstands Distribution: 18 September 2009 Published Online: 2 October 2009 Following Issue: 1001 Editorial Deadline: 2 October 2009 Ad Copy Deadline: 9 October 2009 Start Newsstands Distribution: 13 November 2009 Published Online: 4 December 2009 Enjoy the issue... and happy reading!

vPlug files for different App's or folders

If you want to test vPlug with different dvb­s applications or with one app in different folders for example for PIP purposes, you can create a central location for all of the related files, for example c:\vPlugFiles and then open vPlug.ini and set FilesPath option to for example c:\vPlugFiles . It will make your life a lot easier! From now on, you should only copy vPlug.dll and vPlug.ini to plugins folder of different applications and there's no need to copy all of the relevant files any more. It means after each update, you should only copy all of the new files to c:\vPlugFiles and then only new vPlug.dll and vPlug.ini (with modified FilesPath option) should be copied to plugins folder of your app's. Default value of FilesPath is an empty string and it means current folder. So if you copy all of the files to different plugins folders of one application and then after updating the vHelper of one of them, you may forget to update the other fold

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