Tele-Satellite PDF 09-2009

Sorry I'm late... The new Tele-Satellite Magazine for 09 - 2009 has been published, you can now download it from the official website of the mag. I'm kind a busy right now that I can't even spend some time for the regular forums I visit everyday. Here's the more detail about the Tele-Satellite issue.

Download Link

TELE-satellite Dates Coming Issue: 0911
Editorial Deadline: 7 August 2009
Ad Copy Deadline: 14 August 2009
Start Newsstands Distribution: 18 September 2009
Published Online: 2 October 2009

Following Issue: 1001
Editorial Deadline: 2 October 2009
Ad Copy Deadline: 9 October 2009
Start Newsstands Distribution: 13 November 2009
Published Online: 4 December 2009

Enjoy the issue... and happy reading!


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