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OCTAGON SF8 HD E2 (xp1000S)

Penasaran dengan Openbox S6000 HD yang teman-teman Kota Satelit bicarakan, ternyata cek email dapat kabar dari Octagon kalo akan ada seri terbaru dari Octagon yaitu SF8 HD E2 yang punya spek mirip dengan Openbox S6000 HD itu. Berikut penjelasan dari Octagon Forum: OCTAGON presents its first BCM (MIPS) box with Enigma2 operating system. As a BCM7358 processor operates at 500 MHz and provides switching times of less than one second. With this box now attracts OCTAGON in the open source community with the popular and well-known Enigma2 OS. In addition to the factory image will also Cummunity images of well-known team like openATV, OpenPLi, SIF team, VIX, PKT, HD freaks and other teams are at your disposal. Bakannte and popular plugins from CrossEPG and EPG Refresh on media player such as "Rnhanced Movie Center" and many other plugins. Settings of many teams and for every taste, tools and much more, What the community has to offer, all is well Octagon customers are coming soon

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