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Modify Mesh Dish

(Pic 1 - Semi Solid Dish) Have you ever thought of having a dish such this one? This is previously full 12 feet mesh dish, but some of creative guy in Indonesia had made it happen to be semi solid dish which then formed a 6 feet solid dish partly. How do they made it? I by myself have never tried it yet to use some material such they used in this modification process. The only material I've ever used was an alluminium foil... Hehehehe!!! (Pic 2 - Solid / Petal Dish) My friend at Forum Satelit i.e. brother Prass who owns the 12 feet solid dish (picture 2 above) says he modified his 12 feet mesh dish using the alluminium sheet which it's thick about 0.4 mm. The result is owesome, it's really a beautiful transformation from a mesh to solid (petal dish, if it's not full solid). He informs that by this modification, its signal reception becomes increasing and therefore many of a weak signals before are now strong enough to display ima

HBO TelkomVision Program Guide

This is a Program Guide for HBO - TelkomVision (31 July 2009 to 4 August 2009) that I can capture from. Enjoy! Channel 103 Service Name: HBO Signature Provider Name: Telkomvision Qpsk Transport Stream ID: 2 (0x0002) 527.0 MHz --------------------------------------------- Starts: 7/31/2009 5:00:00 PM Length: 02:00:00 EIT Source: n/a Name: SUDDEN DEATH - Terror goes into overtime as Jean-Claude Van Damme races to stop extremists from bombing the Stanley Cup finals.Description Source: DVB Short Event DVB Extended Event Content: movie/drama (general) (user 0x0/0x0) Parental rating: Country IDN Rating undefined --------------------------------------------- Starts: 7/31/2009 7:00:00 PM Length: 02:00:00 EIT Source: n/a Name: NUTS - When a high-class call girl murders one of her clients, she must take on the legal system to gain her freedom.Description Source: DVB Short Event DVB Extended Event Content: movie/drama (general) (user 0x0/0x0) Parental rating: Country IDN

If It's not Dreambox

DVBWorld S2-HDTV CA&CI Box is magic usb box, you can enjoy satellite PayTV with subscribe smartcard by your PCs or notebooks. you can enjoy surfing Internet at high download speed & never suffer from any delay! Key features: Support DVB-S Protocol (EN 300 744) Support DVB-Data Protocol (EN 301 192) Universal Serial Bus 2.0 Standard Digital Satellite TV and Radio Program Receiving HDTV (MPEG2&MPEG4/H.264)playing Real Time Digital Video Recording (DVR) and Scheduling Recording Time-Shifting Electronic Program Guide (EPG) Still Frame Capture Multi Free Channel Preview Subtitle Satellite / Transponder Auto Scan IP PID scanning, IP data broadcasting in LAN MPEG2 Video broadcasting in LAN, Generate IP data broadcasting task automatically IP MPEG4 media playing, IP MPEG4 media recording Internet via Satellite DVB data service High download speed via satellite bandwidth Favorite List Full Screen Display Multi language Switch MPEG-II

DVBStreamExplorer Free Edition

Just got an email from DVBStreamExplorer Team: DVBStreamExplorer Free Edition Released Together With Build 82 During these past 6 months we have been working hard on improving DVBStreamExplorer to bring you a better product. The most notable change is the introduction of DVBStreamExplorer Free Edition, a completely free version of DVBStreamExplorer that never expires, ready to download and install! The Free Edition provides a subset of the features available in the paid editions, but should cater for the needs of those who require basic DVB PSI/SI scanning, ATSC PSI/PSIP scanning and DVB Service View. DVBStreamExplorer Home Edition has been replaced by DVBStreamExplorer Standard Edition. While the feature set between the two editions is the same, the new name reflects a market adjustment. We found out that the Home Edition is not just being used by hobbyists and students, but also by professionals with a limited set of feature requirements. Another important change is that the

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