Modify Mesh Dish

(Pic 1 - Semi Solid Dish)

Have you ever thought of having a dish such this one? This is previously full 12 feet mesh dish, but some of creative guy in Indonesia had made it happen to be semi solid dish which then formed a 6 feet solid dish partly. How do they made it? I by myself have never tried it yet to use some material such they used in this modification process. The only material I've ever used was an alluminium foil... Hehehehe!!!

(Pic 2 - Solid / Petal Dish)

My friend at Forum Satelit i.e. brother Prass who owns the 12 feet solid dish (picture 2 above) says he modified his 12 feet mesh dish using the alluminium sheet which it's thick about 0.4 mm.

The result is owesome, it's really a beautiful transformation from a mesh to solid (petal dish, if it's not full solid).

He informs that by this modification, its signal reception becomes increasing and therefore many of a weak signals before are now strong enough to display images and pictures on the tv screen.

Many more to come about my friends who have dishes like these ones, stay tune!

Want to transform yours too?


  1. really nice modification, so creative..

  2. yup, very very creative... salute to brother Prass and brothers who have done it so patiently, I mean It's done step by step... not instantly like a magic spell... ^_^


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