DVBStreamExplorer Free Edition

Just got an email from DVBStreamExplorer Team:

DVBStreamExplorer Free Edition Released Together With Build 82

During these past 6 months we have been working hard on improving DVBStreamExplorer to bring you a better product. The most notable change is the introduction of DVBStreamExplorer Free Edition, a completely free version of DVBStreamExplorer that never expires, ready to download and install! The Free Edition provides a subset of the features available in the paid editions, but should cater for the needs of those who require basic DVB PSI/SI scanning, ATSC PSI/PSIP scanning and DVB Service View.

DVBStreamExplorer Home Edition has been replaced by DVBStreamExplorer Standard Edition. While the feature set between the two editions is the same, the new name reflects a market adjustment. We found out that the Home Edition is not just being used by hobbyists and students, but also by professionals with a limited set of feature requirements.

Another important change is that the trial for DVBStreamExplorer Standard and DVBStreamExplorer Professional now enables all the features for that edition during the 21 day trial period. This gives you the opportunity to try ALL the features before purchasing the product.

The pricing of DVBStreamExplorer was also revised. DVBStreamExplorer Standard Edition is now priced at €99, while the Professional Edition is priced at €149. For the complete price list please visit http://www.dvbstreamexplorer.com/pricing.aspx.

Some other changes in this new build include:

* NEW in TS Monitor: Added node in 'Current MUX' with all PIDs in Transport Stream listed in order. Each PID displays what kind of information it carries, and which programme references the PID (where applicable). Multiple programmes referencing a single PID is also supported. Without this feature one had to manually go through programs under the service node to find the PID of interest. See screenshot here: http://www.dvbstreamexplorer.com/analyzer/screenshots/pidusage.png

* Made UI more friendly for 800x600 resolution. Some customers who run this resolution were having trouble with some of the windows. We have reduced the size of the windows to fit into this resolution.

Other improvements and fixes:

* Improved ATSC SI/PSIP parser.

* FIX BDA: Devices with just one tuner filter (no separate capture filter) would not work. A failed to initialize driver message would be shown. This bug was introduced in build 80.

* FIX: improved support for service names using international character sets (e.g. Russian). In previous version international characters were rendered as '?'. See screenshot here: http://www.dvbstreamexplorer.com/analyzer/screenshots/russian.png

FIX BDA: TechnoTrend CI option was not working for TT DVB-T and DVB-C devices. CI option worked ok for DVB-S. NOTE: CI is currently only supported for TechnoTrend devices.

We hope that you enjoy the new build of DVBStreamExplorer as much as we enjoyed developing it!

Team DVBStreamExplorer


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