Tele-Satellite Magazine Nov 09

Tele-Satellite Magazine PDF version for November 2009 has come. Wanna read? Just download it from their official server here (English Version):

Download Tele-Satellite Magz PDF

I personally haven't download it yet, so I don't have some info on details about the content of this new edition. Please have a read yourself.

Here some more from the official web:

TELE-satellite Dates Coming Issue: 1001
Editorial Deadline: 2 October 2009
Ad Copy Deadline: 9 October 2009
Start Newsstands Distribution: 13 November 2009
Published Online: 27 November 2009

Following Issue: 1003
Editorial Deadline: 4 December 2009
Ad Copy Deadline: 11 December 2009
Start Newsstands Distribution: 15 January 2010
Published Online: 29 January 2010


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