TELE-Satellite Magazine 1001

TELE-Satellite Magazine 1001

Sorry for being late again to post the new issue of TELE-Satellite Magazine, the latest one is now: 1001 (for January 2010). You can download by clicking on one of these links:

TELE-Satellite Magazine 1001 Download (English)

Majalah TELE-Satelit 1001 Download (Bahasa)

A story that would touch some of us as satellite tv hobbists, would be about the death of DX'r from China:

In China, August 8 is a memorable date because of the double 8 (a number signifying prosperity) and – above all – because it is the anniversary of the Beijing Olympic games which opened on that day in 2008. Tragically, however, not all is bright on this day and for one man August 8 was the day he drowned while trying to rescue a child that had fallen into the Yellow River. Wang Fend died helping another person. On the Internet Wang Fend was known as “Rock Ke” because he had a strong passion for rock music. Yet, what he loved even more was satellite DXing and translating numerous stories and reports from TELE-satellite.

When this piece of tragic news came to our attention we and some other TVRO fans immediately set on a journey to the Shandong province in China to visit Wang Fend’s hometown Juan. Juan is a small and poor place without a railway line or large buildings. Rock Ke’s parents live in a small house at the end of a basic and simple hutong. Rock Ke himself had lived in another, quieter and more secluded hutong, not far from his parents’ place. After we had passed a row of impoverished and dilapidated dwellings and had jumped over a dysfunctional fence Rock Ke’s house came into sight.

Continue reading this story on page 84 of TELE-Satellite Magazine 1001.

Keep on reading, wish you find what you're looking for.


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