Upgrade Amiko Alien 2 Enigma2 Via USB

Amiko Alien 2 Sample Picture Only
Ini hanya kopasan dari forum luar, buat teman-teman pengguna Amiko Alien 2, kali aja mengalami hal yang sama (maaf, saya tidak punya rx ini):

Upgrade Enigma2 by USB

  1. We only recommend Kingston USB stick, we don’t support USB hard disk, you can try another usb stick.
  2. Please make sure your USB stick only have 1 partition and the file system is FAT32
  3. Set default booting system to [enigma2].
Upgrade Step:
  1. Make sure [C:/engima2] is exist, if not, please create this folder.
  2. Copy [uImage] and [e2jffs2.img] to [C:/engima2]
  3. Connect USB stick to STB
  4. Keep Pressing [OK] Button in Front Panel, then power on STB.
  5. After 5 seconds, you will see [Forc] in LED, release [OK] button and press [Right] Button. then press down button > you will see [enig] now press [Right] Button, you will see [fact] for a moment.
  6. If everything OK, You will see [U LD] shining in LED
  7. If upgrade success, You will see [SUCC] and STB reboot automatically
If upgrade not finishes in 5 minutes, then there must be something wrong, please check your configuration and re-try.

Amiko Alien 2 Stuck in "BOOT"
Hi guys for those who manage to get thier Amiko Alien 2 stuck in "BOOT" Follow these steps and you should be up and running again within 10 Minutes.

First you need the rescue image as previously posted.

Then you need a "KINGSTON" USB Pen Drive, I say "KINGSTON" because I have tried many others and they simply didn't work including HP, RiDisc, PEAK, Samsung and Sony, (although somebody told me they used an ASDA 1GB and that worked fine).

Now another important factor is when using the rescue image, you must use the rear USB port, not the front.

CREATE a folder on your desktop and call it "Spark Rescue", inside that folder create another folder called "spark" (small caps)

UNZIP the spark rescue image and place the "mImage" and the "userfsub" files into the "spark" folder.

FORMAT your USB Pen Drive in FAT32, DO NOT choose the quick format as it will not work

TRANSFER the "spark" folder onto the USB Pen Drive

SWITCH off the receiver at the rear and insert the USB Pen Drive

PRESS and HOLD the OK key at the front of the receiver and switch it back on at the rear

FORC will appear on the display after a couple of seconds

PRESS the RIGHT key FACT should appear on the display


YOU should now see U LD flashing on the display

WAIT a good 10 Minutes for the receiver to be back to original factory state (some information on the internet claims that the restore process takes about five minutes, I left mine a bit longer and it worked, so be patient)

If you get different messages then something is wrong with the USB you are using, start again.
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